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World renown as the leading manufacturer of mission-critical precision cooling products, Liebert produces custom designed equipment to help protect your data management, 仓储配送中心. From precision temperature management to advanced UPS surge protection, the current line of Liebert computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units provide a one-source solution to even the most demanding data center cooling needs.

Excessive energy drain has long troubled Phoenix IT managers, but the switch to Liebert CRAC technology proves to be a reliable solution. As a world leader in system-critical control and cooling processes, 利伯特整合了一个强大的, chilled water approach to CRAC performance tactics. 为您和您的公司, this means reduced energy consumption with enhanced data system performance.

Liebert precision cooling systems maintain reliable computer room temperatures at a price you can afford. Reap system dependability even as you gain the benefits of lower energy costs. Experienced Arizona-based 美国制冷与供暖 technicians can help you map out the right equipment combination to fit your precise data center size, options and expected growth patterns and also provide post installation Service support for needed Maintenance and Repairs.


利伯特精密冷却产品系列 争争数据机房各领域制冷, 包括浪涌抑制, 管理软件, 温度控制系统, 冷却架和CRAC冷却装置. 美国制冷与供暖 carries, installs and services the following Liebert products and more:

Liebert连续波 – Built upon the Liebert Deluxe System/3 chilled water design, this unit includes options for remote monitoring services, 故障排除和运行时诊断. 的 unit provides optimal management of room temperature and humidity at a reduced cost in energy consumption.

Liebert iCOM – control system – Enables maximum communication between multiple units. 当与Liebert连续波的特征结合时, 此控制包使优越, 整个房间的效率.

Primary benefits of Liebert iCOM control systems include:

  • 可靠性
  • 集成功能的预测分析
  • 主动的系统管理和维护
  • 事件日志
  • 船上零件清单和使用历史
  • Enables up to 32 cooling units to function as a single system
  • 灵活性
  • 提高数据机房的能源效率.

Liebert DS Has advanced dual circuit Cooling for Data Center Applications, Liebert DS Precision Cooling Systems for  data center applications provide exact and efficient control of room parameters, 包括:温度, Humidity and Airflow for mission critical electronic equipment. Liebert DS Systems offer flexibility and lend their superior performance enhancements to create high energy efficiency and reliability. Accompanied by the Liebert iCOM control the DS System creates a total solution for data centers and CRAC environments. 坚固的模块化框架, 前台服务接入, with compressor and fan options are some of the accoutrements.

Liebert XD – Provides targeted cooling by digitally mapping heat density. 当与Liebert连续波 CRAC单元结合使用时, this integrated heat dissipating system provides targeted, regulation of base-level humidification and cooling standards.

Liebert起重集团 – Here is a water-based rack 外壳 for high density computer room cooling needs. 也可在门安装的型号. This unit takes advantage of the host building’s existing chilled water loops. It functions in coordination with the Liebert DCP Coolant Pumping Unit. 

This system also provides alternative solutions in areas that prevent practical cold aisle/hot aisle applications. 的 unit is available in 17kW and 25kW cooling models. By serving as a replacement for the existing 外壳s rear door, the Liebert DCD rack cooler provides enhanced performance without increasing a rack’s footprint. Energy effective airflow is distributed by server fans within the rack.


  • 减少占地面积和所需的占地面积
  • Design is optimized for user-friendly service and operation concerns
  • Provides alternative to cold aisle/hot aisle layouts
  • 降低工作噪音
  • 型号可在60Hz和50Hz
  • 优化气流技术
  • Makes use of superior air-to-water heat dispensation
  • 低成本拥有
  • Utilizes existing resources such as chilled water supply
  • 节能通信机箱
  • 增强的安全功能
  • High-density precision protection and cooling requirements.

Liebert DCP – 水基抽油机, 200kW – Circulates chilled water and helps prevent condensation by holding the temperature higher than the physical dew point. This unit also serves as an isolating house between the 热交换器 and the primary Liebert cooling system. Supports the Liebert DCD module and the XDK-W rack 外壳.

Primary benefits of the Liebert DCP Water-Based Pumping unit include:

  • 冷却速率高-每机架25kW以上
  • 包装单位, 包括控制, 外壳, 热交换器, 管道系统组件, 接收箱和所有必要的阀门
  • 可扩展的设计支持未来的增长
  • Reliable coolant temperature prevents excess condensation
  • 低续航里程拥有成本
  • 利用冗余泵技术
  • 有效利用楼面面积
  • Functions with Liebert XDR-W, XDK-W and other water-cooled computer room rack equipment.






美国制冷与供暖 provides full-service installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout 钱德勒 AZ, 吉尔伯特阿兹, 格兰岱尔市阿兹, 台面阿兹, 皮奥瑞亚阿兹, 在亚利桑那州的斯科茨代尔, 坦佩阿兹, 以及凤凰城其他地区.

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